In-House Development or Technology Partner: What to Choose for My Business?

It has become vital to transform your business to digital these days. The next question you get is whether to do it in-house or choose a technology partner. Though this depends on your business requirements, here are a few points to help you make the right decision.

Cost of deployment

When you are having an in-house team, you need to pay multiple times more than what you will pay for the same expertise of a partner. While you can lessen costs by negotiating your own salaries, you can’t get the experts to work for you.

Core Competency

Spending your time and resources on an in-house team might affect the core competency of your business. With a partner you can rest your case with them and concentrate on yoru core area of expertise to become an industry leader.

Idle Team

When there are no running IT projects, you still need to pay your idle IT team. While you pay your IT partner only when there is work done.

Human Resources

More time and effort needs to be put on an internal team to recruit and manage them regularly. You need not worry again if you have chosen the right technology partner.

Competitive Edge

Technologies change at a fast pace. It will be good to have an internal team that has the expertise to stay ahead. But with an IT partner, it is their job to stay on top with the latest in technology & best IT practices.

Team Control

Internal team will have more control over an outsourced partner team. Unless you have a dedicated technology partner, you can’t overcome this situation.

Expenses and Returns

It will be easier to calculate the expenses and returns of an IT partner. But with an internal team it will more difficult as it is integrated with your organization.

The answer to “What to Choose for My Business?” is not easy. It highly depends on your requirements and interests. IF you choose an internal team, it is important to hire an expert team and manage them with better effort. If you choose an IT partner, you need to choose the right and best partner that can provide value to your business.


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